Discover How Dr. John O'Rourke Became the...

"6 Million Dollar Dentist"

He Took His Monthly Production From $235K to $609K ... Working Just 3 Days Per Week


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Here are just a few things you’ll discover inside his story:

  • The strategy Dr. O’Rourke used to capture hundreds of thousands of dollars of production every month that he had been leaving on the table in his practice.
  • How to avoid the “capacity trap” most dentists fall into by thinking they need more chairs to ramp up production.
  • The five-step plan for increasing the velocity of production in your practice and how that can multiply the cash going into your pocket in a big way.
  • The method Dr. O’Rourke used to create a “production waterfall” and take advantage of its compounding effect to work less but create more. (He cut his hours from 4.5 days to 3 days per week!) 

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