A-Player Attraction System

A-players are money in the bank for dental practices, and they’re essential to creating a team-driven practice. But A-players aren't easy to attract or to hire. 

Why? Because they already know their worth. They're looking for more than a paycheck; they want a challenge, and to know that they're making a difference. They want a dental practice that they'll be proud to be part of.

Does your current recruiting ad give them what they're looking for? Probably not.

That's why we're proud to offer our A-Player Attraction System!attraction-teachable

With the A-Player Attraction System, you’ll successfully recruit and hire the right A-players for your practice. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Focus your efforts by defining your Team Member A-Player Profile.
  • Make your practice an attractive A-Player “destination.” 
  • Hire right the first time using objective A-Player Hiring System.

When all your team members are aligned and motivated to make the practice all it can be, your revenue will soar. And with a repeatable process for hiring your team members, you are basically ensuring the future success of your practice.


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The ability to know where the calls are coming from: being able to see exactly, which campaign is being successful—I know where the marketing dollars are going. Daily, when the call comes in, I get an email about it and I can listen to it if I want. We can monitor what’s successful and what’s not so we can fine-tune and tweak and be as successful as possible.

Robert Klein



We’ve had tremendous results from working with SmartBox. The favorite things that have kept me excited is the fact that we can monitor the calls coming in, listen to the calls, and really help our front desk grow in terms of verbal skills because it’s one thing to get the calls, but you’ve got to convert those calls. That has helped me coach my team a little better.

Travis Watson



We're listening to phone calls now. And we're training our team that answers the phone on how to answer the phone, to convert that potential patient to a scheduled patient. The metrics and keeping track of all that has just been invaluable for the office. SmartBox is not just a website company, it's a marketing company, it's a training facility.

Trish Takacs


Dr. Takacs