Dammit, Colin, I'm a Dentist, Not a Marketer!

The Deadly Dental Marketing Mistakes That Cost You Money & Time

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WHY Are You Wasting Your Time?

And COSTING Yourself Money?

You certainly didn’t go to dental school for four long, expensive years to become a marketer. Why are you spending uncounted hours managing your marketing – hours you could be using to make money?

In his groundbreaking new book, dental marketing’s enfant terrible, Colin Receveur dissects the deadly dental marketing mistakes that too many dentists make!

With competition at a FEVER PITCH, dentists can’t afford to make any of these mistakes.

FIRE Your Marketing Company!

But you’ve got an outside marketing firm, you say? Dental practice marketing isn’t rocket science, but you might think it is when you’re being bombarded by arcane marketing terms that make no sense.

What are you paying them for? Here’s the bottom line: You can’t take likes, shares, impressions, hits, and clicks to the bank! There’s only one marketing metric that matters, and Colin lays out in plain language how to make that metric soar for your practice!

Dammit, Colin, I’m a Dentist, Not a Marketer is the one book you need to read if you’d rather focus on doing the dentistry with the patients you want!


We’re GIVING AWAY These Secrets!

Let’s be clear – this isn’t altruism, it’s common sense. 

What Colin presents in this book isn’t a “bright, shiny dental marketing object.” It’s a clear, “no-bull” plan for thriving in the face of declining insurance reimbursements and unmatched levels of competition.

Implement these strategies and watch your practice grow.


Colin Receveur

Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox, is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and patient attraction expert. SmartBox’s Patient Attraction System™ has delivered more and better patients to hundreds of dentists around the world. SmartBox takes a holistic approach to patient attraction by handling everything under one roof.

The Patient Attraction System™ is focused on results rather than clicks. SmartBox has a solution for every struggling private practice dentist as well as dentists ready to take their practice to the next level. SmartBox dentists are enjoying more profits, attracting big case dentistry, expanding their practice services, working fewer hours, and even retiring early.

Colin’s path into patient attraction was inspired by his parents. His father is successful dentist and great marketer, while his mother serves as an elite sales consultant at a Fortune 100 company.

Advance Praise for the Book That Will Allow You to

What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...

“I’m very happy with SmartBox. It actually puts my marketing on autopilot. That makes it a lot easier for me. It’s something I don’t have to worry about.”

– Dr. Kevin McMahon, Edgewood, Kentucky


“Marketing that works always pays for itself. If you want to go to Europe for a month, then so be it. You can add an associate, you can transition, but it’s all on your terms.”

– Dr. David Maloley, Colorado


“It’s sad to see so many successful dentists suffer. There’s a smart way to build a practice and a not-so-smart way. Unfortunately, only one way leads to true freedom.”

Dr. Woody Oakes, President, The Profitable Dentist and Excellence in Dentistry


“I thank my lucky stars I discovered the way to break free. For me, my practice is the path to true freedom. I want to be free to live a full life and have the money to do it! And it’s hard to be ‘free’ if you’re stuck behind a chair 24/7.”

 Dr. Raleigh Pioch, Salem, Oregon


“If you’re not working towards something that’s going to give you freedom,
what in the world are you working towards? I’ll tell you: MORE WORK.”

– Dr. Michael Abernathy, Founder, Summit Practice Solutions

“I can credit SmartBox with being a huge part of our growth, no question. Especially with me being able to be a little more hands off with that aspect. I mean, that’s kind of the one thing you don’t put on paper is that I’m not micromanaging it as some dentists try to.”

– Dr. Travis Watson, Marietta, GA


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You’re on the verge of learning how to stop the unwitting self-sabotage of your marketing efforts. Here’s a quick look at some of the key takeaways from this groundbreaking book that will help you secure the future of your practice.

The top three most important things that you will learn:

  • There are 4 DEADLY dental marketing mistakes that DIY dentists make. Learn what to do instead and watch your results skyrocket!
  • There’s only ONE marketing metric that really matters, and all of your marketing must be focused on delivering that one result!
  • In today’s volatile economic and political reality, there’s a single path forward for dentists who want to succeed… but only if you forget everything you know about marketing your practice!




Page 11. You’ll learn why you should care that mastery of one discipline doesn’t necessarily translate into mastery of another.

Page 37. You’ll learn why no single marketing technique – a “silver bullet” – can possibly make you successful.


Page 55. You’ll learn SmartBox’s Top 10 Marketing “Secrets.” (Hint: they aren’t secrets, they’re just state-of-the-art marketing.)

Page 71. You’ll learn the Five Levels of Total Practice Transformation that can completely shift the quality of your future in dentistry.


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