Survival Strategies For The Private Dental Practice Under Siege


4hbook3dThere’s a storm coming.

And if you’re not prepared, everything you’ve worked so hard to build can be swept away.

Storms happen due to the merging of various forces, and the coming dental tempest is no different. Four economic forces, each a challenge to private dental practices, will combine to become an irresistible disaster for private dentists.

You can do nothing, and watch your practice perish. Or you can take action to not only weather the storm but thrive where others fail.

If you read only one book this year on the future of dentistry, it must be this one.



  • That you face a marketing blitz on your area and competitors that undercut you on price at every turn.
  • That there’s a two-pronged competitive threat to the survival of your practice that you’ll struggle to meet.
  • That what you’ve always counted on before is rapidly becoming a fast road to the poorhouse.
  • That what’s worked in the past won’t help your practice survive this dental apocalypse.
  • That you CAN prepare your practice to actually prosper in the face of extreme adversity.
  • That there’s a SUPERFORCE that will intensify the impact of the three other forces.

Prepare your practice to not only survive the coming storm, but THRIVE!


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