The CEO Dentist's Guide to "Hands-Off" Practice Management

This Changes EVERYTHING! A New Method For Maintaining Total Control of Your Practice While You WORK LESS!


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Is this the situation in your practice?202103-HandsOffProjectMng-Report-SB

Things are dropping through the cracks.

Goals are not being reached.

Your systems aren't performing well.

You're not noticing these things soon enough because you’re busy doing dentistry.

You're way too stressed way too often!


The stress, worry, and distraction that typically go with owning and managing a dental practice are not normal.

They're DEADLY.

It's time to get yourself out of the crosshairs!

Colin Receveur's new report will show you:

  • Why "numbers-driven" practices will never achieve what they're capable of
  • How "delegation" fails where "empowered execution" succeeds
  • How you can succeed even if you’re down a team member – or two!
  • Why your team-driven practice really is the end all and be all for success
  • The four-part framework you must have to reach your goals
  • Why your "second-in-command" is your secret weapon

And much more!

With this approach, you'll create more success with less stress, fewer headaches, and fewer hours spent at the office.

  • You'll create more money.
  • You'll have more time.
  • You'll feel far more in control.
  • You'll actually see momentum building in your practice.

Your choice: The "deadly usual" or the "hands-off" path to INCREDIBLE success?

Are You Kidding Me?
This Changes Everything!
Of Course I Want It!


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Dr. Todd Resek

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