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Secure your complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our Practice Growth Experts, where we'll be able to outline the exact personalized roadmaps we can offer to slingshot your practice back even higher than where it was before the shutdown. All you have to do is select one of the time slots below, and clear out 30-45 minutes of your day.

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Here's How It Works:

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What's A Practice Growth Call™?

Our Practice Growth Call™ is where we can have a candid conversation with the Doctor and/or Owner of the practice to ensure we build out a strategy that hits the very specific goals and timelines the practice is aiming for.

We want to get a crystal clear idea of where you were before COVID-19, what 2020 revenue goals you were targeting, so we can create a customized roadmap on what exactly it'll take to slingshot you back higher than you were before.


We'll Also Discuss The 3-Phase Program You'll Get If You Choose To Partner With Us:

  • Phase 1: COVID Kickstart Program: What you can do now to position yourself to Thrive once you fully reopen. (billing is deferred until you reopen)
  • Phase 2: Slingshot Back Program: An accelerated, high-impact marketing strategy that is a custom made 20-week plan to get you more and better patients into your chairs post-COVID.
  • Phase 3: Practice Growth System™: Our proven framework for predictable, consistent, and scalable practice growth, specializing in higher revenue collections and higher patient value.
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Practice Growth Call™ Requirements:

  • This consultation is currently only for US-Based (non-international) dentists.
  • The Doctor and/or Owner must be present on the call to qualify for billing deferment.
  • We only work with (1) dentist per market to ensure our dentists have the definitive competitive edge, so call attendance is crucial to keep your market area secure.

Get A Personalized Roadmap On How To Slingshot Your Practice Back Even Higher Than Where It Was Before The Shutdown.

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"237% Jump In (NPOs) New Patient Opportunities with SmartBox… and at this point, our main issue is having enough space to put folks."

Dr. Michael Kirchner

Jeffersonville, Indiana


"30% Year-Over-Year Growth AND 20:1 ROI! with SmartBox… We’re busier than we’ve ever been and more profitable, which is what we want, right?”

Dr. Michelle Haynes

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


"In the first full month with SmartBox, we received 67 new patient calls – patients that are scheduled. So, they’re on our books."

Dr. Todd Resek

Oakmont, Pennsylvania