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Success Academy -  Practice: Track and grow your essential metrics – the 5 A’s – and fine-tune your money funnel for enormous revenue growth!  

Success Academy - Premium: multiple team members from the practice can leverage knowledge from other successful practices across the country during these coaching calls. There's specialized coaching for doctors, front office team members, and office managers which creates complete alignment and drives the practice to be much more successful.

Stop wasting time “reinventing the wheel” with every new hire. Success Academy allows you to learn from others what works and what doesn’t. Create lasting systems for repeatable success! 


Success Academy - Trial

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  • Regular Price: $499. Now FREE!
  • Access to all 40 video-driven training modules 
  • 2 LIVE Practice Manager Alliance calls and two Guided Curriculum calls with David Bonney, SmartBox's Chief Strategy Officer
  • 2 Front Office Success calls with Denise Williamson

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Success Academy - Practice & Premium

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  • Regular Price: $849/month. Now only $499/month.
  • Access to 40+ video-driven modules
  • Success Academy workbooks
  • 1 LIVE Practice Manager Alliance call and 1 Guided Curriculum call per week with David Bonney, SmartBox's Chief Strategy Officer
  • 1 call per week with Denise Williamson discussing Front Office Success

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"237% Jump In (NPOs) New Patient Opportunities with SmartBox… and at this point, our main issue is having enough space to put folks."

Dr. Michael Kirchner

Jeffersonville, Indiana


"30% Year-Over-Year Growth AND 20:1 ROI! with SmartBox… We’re busier than we’ve ever been and more profitable, which is what we want, right?”

Dr. Michelle Haynes

Highlands Ranch, Colorado


"In the first full month with SmartBox, we received 67 new patient calls – patients that are scheduled. So, they’re on our books."

Dr. Todd Resek

Oakmont, Pennsylvania